We recognise the importance of early-stage businesses in driving innovation and economic growth. Therefore, we offer guidance on key investment schemes designed to support start-ups. These government-backed initiatives encourage investment into smaller, higher-risk companies by offering significant tax reliefs to investors.
Our advisors are experts in helping businesses navigate the EIS. This scheme encourages investment in small, high-risk companies by offering substantial tax breaks to investors. We help ensure you’re set up to attract this investment and comply with all necessary rules and regulations.
EIS offers 30% income tax relief on the cost of the shares, with an annual investment limit of £1 million (or £2 million if investing in knowledge-intensive companies). Like SEIS, EIS also offers capital gains tax relief and loss relief.
SEIS is similar to EIS, but it’s specifically designed for startups. Our experienced team can guide your startup through the process of qualifying for SEIS, increasing your attractiveness to investors and helping you take full advantage of the tax incentives on offer.
SEIS offers extensive tax reliefs for investors, including 50% income tax relief on the cost of the shares, up to an annual investment limit of £100,000. Capital gains tax relief and loss relief are also available, thereby significantly reducing the financial risk for investors.
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