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Firms in this sector, like law and consulting firms, deal with specific tax issues related to partnership structures and services taxation.

Expertise in partnership taxes

Many professionals operate as partnerships, which has specific tax treatments. Our team offers professional guidance on tax deductions, profit sharing, and other partnership-related issues.

Applying VAT in the professional services sector may present unique situations, especially when working with international clients. But not to worry, our experts are here to simplify the VAT application process. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you meet all compliance requirements and that you are fully benefiting from any opportunities for VAT reclaims.

Professional services companies frequently offer a range of employee benefits, each of which has its own tax ramifications. We can offer guidance on how to structure these benefits in a way that is both tax-efficient and compliant with all applicable laws.

Understanding the IR35 legislation is important because many professional services firms use contractors, which raises IR35 concerns. We are knowledgeable about IR35 regulations and can offer advice to make sure your engagements are legal and tax efficient.

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