IHT can be a significant financial concern for many individuals looking to pass on their assets. Effective planning can help mitigate this tax and maximise the wealth you pass on to your loved ones.


We help you comprehend the nuances of Inheritance Tax, including who is liable, what is taxable, and the various reliefs and exemptions that may be available to you.
We carry out a thorough review of your estate, helping identify your potential IHT liability and areas where planning could reduce this.
We provide advice on setting up and managing trusts, a tool often used for IHT planning.
We assist you in developing strategies for making lifetime gifts to your loved ones, which can be an effective way of reducing your IHT liability.


Our strategic planning can help you protect your wealth and ensure your loved ones receive their maximum inheritance.
We demystify the complex rules around IHT, providing you with clear and understandable advice.
We tailor our strategies to your unique situation, ensuring the most effective solutions for your needs.
We ensure all planning is done in line with current legislation, giving you peace of mind.
Why work with us?
At UK Tax Advice and Accountancy, we believe in personalised service, understanding each client’s unique circumstances, providing tailored solutions, timely service, and peace of mind.
Inheritance Tax planning is an essential aspect of managing your wealth for the future. Let UK Tax Advice and Accountancy be your guiding partner in this process. Our dedication to personalised service, strategic planning, and comprehensive understanding of tax laws will help you confidently secure your legacy.