Payroll services include PAYE registration, payroll processing, real-time information (RTI) submissions, and end-of-year reporting.


PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is the method used by employers in the United Kingdom to collect income tax and National Insurance payments from employees’ earnings. We help companies register for PAYE with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), ensuring they understand their duties as an employer and are correctly setup.
Our team assists with payroll management by calculating gross pay, deductions (such as income tax, National Insurance contributions, and pension contributions), and net compensation for employees. Other payroll-related responsibilities that we undertake include processing starters and leavers, maintaining employee benefits, and handling statutory payments such as maternity, paternity, and sick pay.
RTI is a mechanism used by HMRC to gather payroll information from employers every time they process their payroll. On behalf of companies, we submit correct and timely RTI data to HMRC, guaranteeing compliance with reporting obligations and minimizing the risk of mistakes and potential fines.
At the end of each tax year, companies must submit to HMRC a variety of reports and forms, including P60s (which summarize an employee’s salary and deductions for the tax year), P11Ds (which detail employee benefits and costs), and the Employer Payment Summary (EPS). Our staff supports firms with the preparation and submission of these end-of-year documents, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance with all applicable dates.
We assist businesses in satisfying their auto-enrolment requirements, including the establishment and management of workplace pension schemes, the enrollment of eligible employees, and the management of ongoing pension payments.
We help businesses pick and install the best payroll software for their needs, as well as provide continuing support and advise on how to use the software effectively and efficiently.
Our team provides guidance on employment law and human resources issues that may have an impact on payroll, such as changes to the National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage, or statutory payment rates.

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We strive to assist businesses in handling their payroll duties effectively and correctly, guaranteeing compliance with all relevant regulations and allowing them to focus on their core activities by providing complete Payroll Services.

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