Oh, how we admire the welcoming homes and valued estates your industry oversees, creating sanctuaries of comfort and adding charm to our everyday living!

We provide specialized accounting and tax services to address the unique requirements of landlords and property/real estate investors, who need guidance on property income, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax, and VAT implications to name a few.


We advise on various business structures to suit your strategy. We serve clients that invest in commercial, BTL, HMO, FHL, SA, R2R, Short Leases, Trading (flipping) just to name a few.

Commercial properties, such as offices, retail shops, and warehouses, offer different tax implications than residential properties. These can include VAT on commercial property transactions and potential capital allowances that can offset tax liabilities. Our team can help you to navigate these complexities and provide advice on how to maximise your returns.

Investing in land developments can offer lucrative returns, which can be further enhanced by tax saving opportunities. We guide you through all tax considerations. It can involve tax when selling developed land, as well as VAT and corporation tax on development activities. We can provide tailored advice to help ensure you are tax compliant while maximising your profitability.

We are knowledgeable about the tax laws governing property income, including the permitted deductions and expenses. Our team can make sure that the revenue and costs from your rental properties are reported accurately, maximizing tax efficiency.

Knowledge of capital gains taxes is important when selling a property. We offer professional guidance on maximizing tax benefits and deductions while lowering your tax obligation.

We provide expert guidance on SDLT, a tax on the purchase price of a property. We understand the different rates and bands that apply, as well as the various reliefs and exemptions, helping you to reduce your SDLT liability where possible.

IHT applies to properties left in your estate upon death and can result in a significant tax charge. We provide advice on estate planning and potential strategies to mitigate IHT.

ATED is a tax payable by companies that own UK residential property valued over a certain threshold. If your properties fall within this remit, we can guide you through the ATED regulations and potential reliefs.

VAT may apply to some real estate transactions. Our staff can help you navigate these VAT implications and improve your VAT position.

For landlords who are based abroad, we can offer advice on the NRLS and its tax ramifications, ensuring that you comply with all requirements.
For those operating their property business through a limited company, we provide advice on corporation tax, structure and how to maximise your after-tax profits.
It is important to note that these are only a few of the most popular property investment strategies. The world of real estate is wide and varied, with a multitude of investment avenues available. From investing in student accommodation, serviced apartments, and holiday lets, to participating in crowdfunding property platforms, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and joint ventures, there are a multitude of strategies available to suit different investment goals and risk profiles. Each comes with its unique tax implications and considerations.

Why work with us?

We are dedicated to assisting you in fully utilizing the HMRC-provided sector-specific tax benefits. Our individualized approach and in-depth knowledge of the industry make sure your company is financially stable and compliant.