Oh, how we treasure the thrilling performances and captivating stories your industry delivers, adding colour and excitement to our daily existence!
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This industry is highly dependent on intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Our advisory team will guide you with valuation, amortization, and relevant tax treatments.
The UK government offers a variety of tax reliefs for the creative industries, including tax reliefs for theatre, film, television, and video games. Our experts can help your company make the most of these reliefs so you can take full advantage of these incentives.
Accounting for revenue in this sector needs a special attention due to factors like rights management, advertising revenue, subscriptions, and royalties. Businesses may earn income from a variety of sources, each of which may need to be recognized and reported in different ways.
Accounting for the costs of talent can also be complex. Contracts can include a variety of elements, including upfront fees, royalties, and various forms of bonuses or profit participation.
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