Our expert advice begins with your goals in mind. We can help you stay up-to-date and fully compliant, while minimising tax liabilities within efficient, commercially driven structures.
Corporation tax represents a significant proportion of your trading costs. It’s a portion of your company’s profits that is payable to the HMRC. Although it’s a necessity, the right strategy can convert this liability into an asset. At UK Tax Advice and Accountancy, we’re proficient in turning complexities into opportunities by applying our expert knowledge and strategic planning for your corporation tax.
  • Our recommendations are individualised to meet your needs and take into account both your personal and professional financial situation. We will make sure your tax obligations are as low as possible, both within the business and when taking profits out or reinvesting in new businesses.
  • Any type of structure, from limited companies to partnerships, branches, and everything in between, is something we can help you decide on.
  • We provide advice on all aspects of real estate taxation, including capital allowance claims, development and investment, and purchases and sales. In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, our tax advice and VAT advice are coordinated.
  • Due to the high values involved in real estate transactions, any VAT-related issues are typically very expensive.
  • A crucial area is transfers of a going concern (TOGC), which allows the transfer of a business without paying VAT, which is frequently essential when selling a commercial property with occupied tenants. It is crucial to make sure it is done correctly because HMRC examines this in detail. This subject is murky and frequently leads to confusion. We can contribute to making things more clear.
  • Our knowledge spans all facets of VAT, but we specialise in dealing with HMRC to resolve liability disputes and reach partial exemption agreements. We also offer clients VAT planning suggestions to increase cash flow, guide clients through the tangle of VAT property law, and provide advice on EU and international transactions.
  • We offer expert advice on securing Research and Development (R&D) tax credits for your business. As a key incentive for innovation and progress, R&D tax credits can significantly enhance your company’s cash flow, allowing you to reinvest in your business’s future growth.
  • R&D tax credits can apply to a wide variety of industries and sectors, not just those traditionally associated with ‘research and development.’ If your business is pushing boundaries, solving problems, and advancing your field, there may be significant tax benefits waiting for you.
  • The potential value of these claims can be significant, but the intricacies of compliance are equally substantial. Misinterpretation or misapplication of the rules can lead to contentious issues with HMRC. With our expertise, we can help clarify these complexities and optimise your claim, ensuring you maximise the benefits while maintaining compliance.
  • The scheme incentivises companies to invest in innovative research and create patented technologies, thereby promoting a culture of innovation and progress within the business.
  • Patent Box applies to profits from a wide range of sectors, not just traditional technology sectors, extending its benefits to diverse industries.
  • Patent Box allows companies to apply a lower Corporation Tax rate (10%) to profits earned from their patented inventions, leading to significant tax savings.
  • Accurate implementation and management of Patent Box claims require expert advice to ensure compliance and maximise benefits.
  • Land Remediation Relief provides substantial tax incentives to companies bringing contaminated land in the UK back into beneficial use.
  • LRR allows companies to deduct 100% of the qualifying expenditure, and claim an additional deduction of 50%, providing substantial tax savings.
  • By offering tax relief, LRR encourages companies to clean up and redevelop contaminated land, thereby contributing to the revitalisation of local communities and the wider economy.
  • The tax savings from LRR can be significant, thereby improving a company’s cash flow and freeing up funds for further investment.
  • The scheme promotes the sustainable use of land and helps companies play a part in reducing environmental harm and fostering greener, more sustainable development.
  • LRR applies to a broad range of remediation activities, including the removal of harmful substances, treatment of harmful organisms, and dealing with long-term pollution issues.
  • We provide guidance on and implement tax-efficient share incentive programmes that help businesses reward and motivate their staff. With options ranging from EMI share options to growth shares and employee ownership trusts, we can assist you in making the best decision possible to meet your needs.
  • To ensure that they are fully engaged and that your share incentives produce the best results for the business, we are also happy to provide advice to employees who may benefit from share incentives.
  • We handle tax compliance for companies ranging from brand-new startups to Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), making sure their tax affairs are current and handled effectively. Beyond corporation tax returns, we also provide corporate interest restriction returns, and ATED reporting (annual tax on enveloped dwellings reporting). We can make sure you are fully in compliance with the increasingly intricate tax rules in the UK.
We offer expert guidance on three key investment schemes in the UK that can greatly boost your business’s capital raising capabilities:
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Services : Our advisors are experts in helping businesses navigate the EIS. This scheme encourages investment in small, high-risk companies by offering substantial tax breaks to investors. We help ensure you’re set up to attract this investment and comply with all necessary rules and regulations.
  • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) Services : The SEIS is similar to EIS, but it’s specifically designed for startups. Our experienced team can guide your start-up through the process of qualifying for SEIS, increasing your attractiveness to investors and helping you take full advantage of the tax incentives on offer.
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) Advisory : Our VCT advisory service helps your business become an attractive investment opportunity for these publicly listed funds. VCTs provide private equity capital, and in return, offer investors significant tax breaks. Our role is to guide your business through the process, ensuring you meet all compliance requirements and maximise potential investment.
We offer assistance with every corporation tax-related matter, such as establishing and structuring a UK presence, profit extraction, business structure, employee compensations, exit strategies, cross-border transactions and withholding taxes. In addition, we guide our Multinational businesses clients through complexities of Transfer Pricing, were they must set prices for goods, services, and intellectual property traded between their international entities. These prices, known as transfer prices, are subject to specific tax rules. We provide advice on transfer pricing strategies, documentation requirements, and compliance with international regulations.
  • Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) Rules : CFC rules can apply to UK businesses with overseas subsidiaries, potentially leading to additional tax charges. Our team can help you understand whether CFC rules apply to your business and, if so, how to mitigate potential tax liabilities.
  • International Employee Mobility : If you have employees working overseas or if you are a foreign business with employees in the UK, understanding the tax implications is crucial. We can provide advice on issues such as overseas payroll, tax equalisation, and social security contributions.
For real estate sector, we provide structuring, restructuring, and related compliance services, as well as advice on transactional tax issues for commercial and residential property.​
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