Oh, how we value the lush fields and bountiful harvests that your industry brings, nourishing our bodies and enriching our daily lives!
The UK economy’s backbone, the agriculture and food production sector, has specific accounting and tax considerations. With our specialized accounting and tax services, UK Tax Advice Ltd and Accountancy can help your company navigate these complexities and increase profitability.


The Agriculture & Food Production sector has special VAT schemes, like the Agricultural Flat Rate Scheme. Our team will guide you to make sure full advantage of any reclaim opportunities is utilised.
Businesses in this sector may qualify for Agricultural Property Relief (APR) or Business Property Relief (BPR) for inheritance tax. We offer expert advice on how to take advantage of these opportunities to the fullest.
Many farms generate income from diversified activities such as holiday lets or renewable energy production, each with its own tax implications.
These can be a significant part of a farm’s income and have particular tax treatment.
Agricultural businesses often have significant expenditures on machinery and equipment, for which they may be eligible for capital allowances or deductions.
Why work with us?
With our tailored approach and in-depth knowledge of Agriculture and Food Production industry, UK Tax Advice and Accountancy makes sure your company is ready for success. We are here to give you the professional guidance you need, whether it is navigating agricultural VAT schemes, maximizing tax reliefs, or taking advantage of industry-specific incentives.